Dental FaceLift is a pain free non-surgical process that permanently rejuvenates the face of the patient for up to 10 years. While creating a youthful face shape this exclusive treatment promotes dental health, jaw comfort and the optimal bite. It may be deep bite, prognathic (backward jaw) bite, open bite or any other deformed bite, corrections with DentalFaceLift are fast and pain free. The high-tech dental method offers optimal facial contours, stretches the skin, optimizes the jaw line, smoothens the face as well as the neck. The method is personalized and custom made. The treatment requires measurements using a facebow device and in some cases a special Michigan splint prototype before finalization.

With this easy-to-wear splint, we can determine the most comfortable position of the jaw together with face harmony and then we finalise it with Veneers and Tablet Tops. The treatment not only not requires anaesthesia, but it also protects the healthy teeth as they don’t need to be grinded down. No need orthodontic treatment for years, which often cannot completely correct a deformed bite and could ignore the comfort of the jaw and could cause joint clicks. No need for painful filler and botox injections repeating every 6 months or other wrinkle filling methods, as they get absorbed. This method lasts for decades, it only requires a few visits and is completely pain free!

The importance of comfortable bite

Rapid facial aging, collapsed face, sleeping disorder, small or large chin, night-time teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching, excessive covering of teeth with lips (when teeth are not visible during speaking) are all directly related to the bite and indirectly to the position of the joints. Only 5% of the population has an ideal, anatomically correct bite, the others have cosmetic, physical or mental defects. People with overbite have a smaller looking chin and a rounder head, while people with underbite (prognathism) have large, dominant chin, which is standing more forward. Dental FaceLift is the future when it comes to the improvement of the bite, face contour, jaw optimisation and sizing of the chin and it reverses the signs of early aging too. 

Dental FaceLift lifts your face without surgery!

Thanks to the Veneers and TableTops that are fitted onto the healthy teeth-surfaces, the facial contours are harmonised with the correct position of the jaw. They are not only offering cosmetically pleasing results, but also giving resistance, durability and the protection for the teeth. By lifting the bite, smoothening the facial muscles and wrinkles, filling the lips and relaxing the neck muscles they improve the facial profile. The treatment is giving your face a good hold. If the bite and the joint is not in place, it may cause sleeping disorder, headaches, neck and back tension, joint clicks, and early facial aging. DentalFaceLift offers a solid hold of the face due to the newly designed teeth and the optimised bite. No other face lift can achieve a better face shape than this exclusive method. Once the teeth are built up at the correct height, length and angle, the patient will feel true harmony, possibly for the first time in their life.

Anti-aging treatment that reverses facial aging!

As the bite gets eroded the face looks older, the chin looks bigger and the teeth uneven. Less and less teeth appear behind the lips, the face collapses and the lips become thinner. Dental FaceLift optimizes the face and jaws, offering masculine chins for men and graceful chins for women. This treatment reverses the collapse of the face and boosting teeth and joint health. Imagine a quickly achievable, comfortable bite that comes with a harmonious face and beautiful white teeth, without any pain, injection, surgery, orthodontics or tooth-grinding, as it usually is the case with other dental treatments. By not grinding a significant amount of your teeth, a potential trauma of the roots can be avoided, which otherwise could lead to root canal treatment. With this method a painful jaw surgery can also be avoided, especially for underbiting (prognathism) patients with forward-looking chin profile.

Who is suitable for Dental FaceLift?

Almost everyone can have it. Although this may be the preferred treatment by middle-aged and elder patients, it can be done for anyone over the age of 18.  It is quick and simple, significantly less painful and has a lower risk factor compering to other treatments. The greatest significance of this treatment is the preservation of the teeth with extremely durable and resistant Veneers and TableTops, teeth don’t get grind down to small studs like with other treatments.

The Process of the Dental FaceLift 

Everyone has an optimal bite, but only very few people have their bite in that correct position. With Dental FaceLift, we set this ideal bite position with the help of a bite prototype, called Michigan splint, which needs to be worn for 3 months before we finalise the teeth with Veneers and TableTops. Dental FaceLift is a non-surgical high-tech method that not only makes orthodontics and teeth preparation unnecessary it also represents the highest professional knowledge, maximum dental health as well as aesthetics. Far more than just white teeth and porcelain veneers.

Can any dentist do Dental FaceLift?

The answer is NO! This treatment requires complex vision, plenty of practice and experience.

Only a few dentists deal with gnathology (the science of the temporomandibular joint). Dental FaceLift is a very technique specific treatment that combines aesthetic results with the comfort of the joint, to avoid joint clicks, headaches, neck and back pain. Even though we live now longer than our ancestors, the life of our teeth don’t follow that pattern. The wearing on the teeth not only causes the decreasing of the face and an incorrect jaw position but also the collapse of the face. Dental FaceLift is a revolutionary treatment as it regains the optimal teeth size, the optimal position of the jaws and the optimal bite, helping with both open and deep bites. With Dental FaceLift patients reclaim the joy of eating, chewing and sleeping and a youthful face!

Will I look younger after the treatment?

Everyone can achieve a significant facial rejuvenation with Dental FaceLift as it maximizes our natural assets. While the veneers themselves might create beautifully shaped teeth on their own they don’t alter the contours and smoothness of the face or the fullness of the lips. The bite raising on its own focuses on the functional aspect of a comfortable bite and healthier joints only but missing out the aesthetics. Dental FaceLift, on the other hand, reverses the aging of your face and teeth by combining the functional benefits of a bite lift with aesthetically pleasing teeth created with veneers, following a customized facial rejuvenation design.

The face contour and the face shape are the most important

Dental FaceLift rejuvenatingly redesigns the face by lifting the lips and giving support to the face. A sunk, more hollow face contour is repaired by the smile design and the correct fitting of the Veneers onto the teeth. The first step of this process is to determine the new face height and the correct position of the jaws with facebow and semi-adjustable articulator. It is followed by the smile design with veneers (length, width and inclination). The right length and inclination of the veneers is responsible for the fuller lips. The fullness of the face on the other hand depends on the right length and width of the veneers. While we are keeping the teeth healthy and the bite in the most comfortable position, the most of old fillings, crowns and veneers are removed and replaced with metal-free, natural-looking porcelain restorations.

Dental FaceLift provides the most remarkable results if there are multiple dental problem needs to be treated. For example:

  • Collapsed face
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Midline offset
  • Too large or too small chin
  • Anti-aging Dentistry
  • Deep bite correction
  • Clicking jaw joint
  • TMJ pain
  • Early aging of the face
  • Non-visible upper teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Neck, head, jaw ache
  • Missing Teeth
  • Restoration on many teeth that do not harmonize with each other
  • Worn or shortened teeth that don’t support the lips
  • Gappy teeth
  • Facial Disharmony 
  • Unsuccessful orthodontic treatment or jaw surgery 
  • Patients with aligned teeth but poor bite
  • Elderly patients
  • Young patients

This is not Dental FaceLift:

  • Cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers
  • Grinding teeth down for crowns / bridges, that damages healthy teeth
  • Orthodontics or jaw surgery
  • Neuromuscular dentistry

This is Dental FaceLift:

  • Reversing the effects of aging
  • Developing a healthy jaw position without surgery
  • No grinding, no crown preparation or filling on healthy teeth

The treatment plan is greatly influenced by the question of why and how the teeth are worn. Was the reason bruxism or natural tooth wear over the years? As time passes our teeth constantly wear down due to natural use, our face shortens, causing wrinkles, thin lips and a collapsed face, which results a disharmonious, old-looking facial feature. The solution to all that is a new face designed and produced by Dental FaceLift!

The difference between FaceLift and cosmetic dentistry

The difference between Dental FaceLift and simple cosmetic dentistry is that FaceLift focuses on teeth health during the cosmetic treatment, while modifying the facial contours and creating a comfortable bite! This is also a completely customized, non-standard solution. In many cases, Dental FaceLift offers the best (long-term) solution compared to cosmetic dentistry. For example, if all teeth are worn down, porcelain veneers could only be made the same short as the worn teeth are. While with Dental FaceLift original tooth length could be restored, face contour optimized, better face shape created, and the right bite provided.

The link between non- surgical Dental FaceLift and health

  • Physical health: when teeth and temporomandibular joints work in harmony, there is much less tension in the neck, shoulders and head muscles. Patients have less complain about headaches, pain in the temples, pain in the neck, or tooth grinding related symptoms. Inflammations caused by overloads also greatly improve after the treatment.
  • Mental health: when somebody has confidence because of their physical appearance and has general wellbeing, they are feeling better emotionally as well as psychologically. However, when someone doesn’t think they look good, they are more reluctant to avoid company or make new friends or take advantage of new opportunities. It is especially true if we suffer from inflammation and health problems, which can really undermine confidence. Dental FaceLift helps you to regain your confidence in a rather short period of time!
  • Intellectual health: Dental FaceLift is a wonderful journey to transform the patient's appearance, paved with better sleep, better breathing and less head and neck tension!
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