Tooth-coloured fillings are simple, quick and affordable treatments to restore teeth health. The resin filling hardens by "blue light". The shade palette of the filling is endless, allowing us to imitate any tooth colour indistinguishable for human eyes.

The filling is suitable for the treatment of tooth decay, tooth damage, old filling replacement and to restore broken parts cosmetically. Fillings can not only replace the shape and shade of the original tooth but could make them look even nicer.

Just like with natural teeth, things can happen to fillings too: red wine, tea or coffee can discolour them, they can decay, break or wear down, that's why oral hygiene and regular dental check-up is so important!

How do we know we need fillings? During dental examination, dentist checks each tooth surfaces looking for caries. If anything, abnormal is spotted dental x-rays might need to be taken, after which we discuss the potential treatment options with the patient, prepare a treatment plan together and start the procedure as soon as possible.

Is it painful to get a filling? No, getting a filling is completely pain free as it is done under local anaesthesia, which makes the gum and the tooth completely insensitive. We also use a fruity surface anaesthetic before the injection, to make sure it doesn’t hurt.

How long do tooth fillings last? Nowadays fillings are made of hard, durable materials that last for several years or decades. As nothing lasts forever, fillings need to be replaced sometimes too. The best way to extend the lifetime of them is thorough home care and regular dental check-ups.

What is the filling made from? Composite filling is a tooth-coloured resin formed by powdered plastic and glass particles. The composite paste polymerizes (cures) with a special "blue" light after it has been put in place. The colour range of fillings is endless and mixable with each others and hire such an aesthetic look of the tooth, which is indistinguishable from the natural tooth.

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