Rooth canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a tooth-saving procedure when patients can avoid tooth extraction, during which the internal, infected part of the tooth root is cleaned, disinfected and filled. It feels like average tooth filling but reaches deeper inside the tooth.

This treatment may be necessary due to serious dental caries or tooth-related accidents. During the procedure the affected part of the tooth is removed, and the cleared root canals undergo a thorough disinfection. Of course, this is done under complete anaesthesia using the most up-to-date tools (Reciproc rotary endomotors), with the help of large magnification under Loupes and Microscopes.

The patient does not feel any pain during root canal treatment!

Why do we need root canal treatment? The most common reason is severe toothache caused by deep caries, deep filling, tooth damage or tooth break


  • From mild to almost unbearable toothache
  • pain with varying intensity during the day, pain when biting on the tooth
  • prolonged tooth pain from hot food or drinks 
  • sensitive or swollen gums around the root of the effected tooth, sometimes with a small pimple-like swelling in the area

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact us for a check-up and a treatment plan or for immediate pain relief!

What are the advantages of root canal treatment? With this treatment we can avoid losing our effected teeth. The treatment prevents the infection or bacterial spreading to the adjacent teeth or into the blood circulation. By reducing the inflammation of the gums and the bones we are more likely to keep the effected teeth for longer.

Is root canal treatment painful? In the past, these treatments were painful due to weaker anaesthetics and mild disinfectants. Nowadays these treatments are completely pain free though thanks to modern dental science.

What happens to the tooth after root canal treatment? After a successful root canal treatment, the tooth loses its vitality (no longer living tooth) and becomes more fragile over the time. The further back the tooth is, the greater pressure it gets during chewing. It should be protected from the possibility of breakage as this can lead to tooth extraction. Our dentists always offer crowns and onlays to protect your teeth to regain their functionality as well as their natural look in the long run.

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