Apart from the teeth, the health of the periodontium is also playing a vital role in the quality of life, the effortless eating and having a radiant smile. There are no healthy teeth without healthy periodontium!

For further we have to understand the role and the structure of the periodontium. The components of periodontium are the gum, the bone, the cementum and the periodontal ligaments / fibres that support the teeth. If one of these is inflamed, the periodontium will be "resorbing" around the tooth, which will lead to loose tooth. Inflammation is often caused by bacteria accumulated on the teeth and under the gum. Accumulation can be caused by inadequate oral hygiene, rare professional tartar removal, smoking, coffee or tea consumption.

The “resorbing” of the bone is irreversible, and after a certain bone loss, the tooth will fall out. It is very important to preserve the health of these components and perform preventive treatments to reduce inflammation!


  • red, swollen, sensitive gums
  • frequent gum bleeding from soft toothbrush or flossing
  • sensitive or even sore teeth due to the gradual shrinking of the gum
  • visible and sensitive tooth neck
  • bad breath and bad taste in the mouth
  • loose and mobile teeth

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact us for a check-up and a treatment plan or for immediate pain relief!


  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Gingivitis around implants
  • Correction of gumline with crown lengthening 
  • Correction of gumline in the case of gum recession
  • Bad breath

The selection and implementation of the proper treatment is the responsibility of our Periodontist. This is a multi-step process that requires close cooperation from our patients. Both in-office and home-based care are important, so patients need to familiarize themselves with the problem as well as the steps of the treatment. As it may take months to recover, it is advised to be patient with these treatments. 

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