At the Dental Angels dental surgery patients are treated by experienced and highly trained professionals. We use the most up-to-date techniques and technologies, which are available at the moment and we use the best materials as well. That’s how we can provide the highest quality. We guarantee our services!

Duration of Dental Angels Dental Guarantee:

  • Fillings
  • Full removable denture
  • Inlay / Onlay
  • Crown
  • Veneer 
  • Bridges
  • Partial removable denture attached onto tooth implant
  • Removable denture
  • Tooth implant (only the implant screw built into the bone)

Conditions of the guarantee:

  • The patient must comply with the dental hygienic requirements advised by the dentist and keep their teeth clean.
  • The patient must undergo the required 3-monthly, semi-annual or annual check-ups prescribed by the dentist.
  • The patient must take part in the maintenance treatment defined by the dentist (eg scaling or teeth alignment) no later than 30 days after the dental treatment.
  • The patient must use their prosthesis as intended, only for chewing.
  • The patient must protect the prosthesis from any injury, physical impact, bone or gum disease.
  • The guaranty will be enforced by the settlement of all invoiced items.

The warranty is invalid in the following cases:

  • If the patient does not appear on the prescribed check-ups at the Dental Angels Dental Surgery.
  • If the patient does not clean the prosthesis properly and does not clean their teeth.
  • If the patient does not use the prosthesis properly and exerts it to a much greater impact than chewing.
  • If there are problems caused by inappropriate nutrition and other bad habits.
  • If the removable dentures suffer mechanical (due to falling over or combat sports) or chemical damage (high concentration of alcohol or other chemicals).
  • Damage due to systemic, infectious or tumorous malignancies of the chewing apparat or their treatments.
  • Damage resulting from an accident or emergency care after an accident.
  • In case of neglected oral hygiene.
  • Problems arising from psychological or mental illnesses.
  • If the patient loses significant body weight in a relatively short period of time.
  • If the patient does not report any injury or change to the prosthesis within two working days after a treatment.
  • If root canal treatment is required due to previous treatments (filling, crown preparation).
  • If a denture was later repaired, or after a treatment, the patient was later treated at a different dental surgery other than the Dental Angels Smile Clinic.
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