“When I get into the surgery, I always feel calm, because the environment is really angelic and soothing. The receptionist always welcomes me very kindly and the dentist and her assistant have always treated me with incredible professionalism whenever I was there! It shows that everyone is very professional! "

K. Anna

“I found this surgery on the internet when I was looking for teeth whitening. I've read on many forums that the bleach used here is truly effective. I didn't regret my choice because my teeth became beautifully white and since then I've had many of my friends visited the Dental Angels Smile Clinic."

P. Szandra

“Pleasant, beautiful environment, nice, helpful reception and an extremely skilful dentist! I would highly recommend this place to my friends and family!”

V. Adrienn


“I have had teeth scaling in many places and they have always rushed through it within a half an hour. On the website I saw that there is a couple’s discount, so my wife and I came to the Dental Angels. I was pleasantly surprised when I got out of the chair, my teeth never felt so clean”

D. András

“I have had many consultations about orthodontics. Everywhere I was told that I would need to wear it for years! Fortunately, I found Dr Melinda Csapó, thanks to whom, my teeth were sorted out in a few months! I couldn't believe we achieved the expected result so quickly. I recommend it to everyone!”

T.K. Gitta


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